1. Purpose and Scope

This Code of Conduct directs the environment of the VoxFresh team.  It has been created to reinforce protocols and ethos already established and provide further clarity for the future of our VoxFresh venture.

The contents of this Code of Conduct apply to all VoxFresh activities.

We want our team to be a fun, productive and safe space for all staff, volunteers, parents and members.  The collaboration of all is core to the success of VoxFresh.

  1. When does this policy apply?

This policy applies to all volunteers present at any VoxFresh activity.

It is important that every volunteer feels positive and valued while working at VoxFresh and that this attitude is displayed and passed on to the young singers we’re working with. 

  1. Respect in the workplace

The VoxFresh Lead Vocal Coach is the manager of all staff and volunteers in the local sessions. They will create a job rota which will ensure the team get a mixture of responsibilities during the term. The team should then work together so that things run smoothly in any situation.

There is no hierarchy within the volunteer teams. Some members of the team may have strengths in particular areas that can be utilised. A mutual respect of these is required.

If a volunteer or member of staff is unable to attend a VoxFresh session or activity please alert your Lead Vocal Coach as soon as possible so alternative adult cover can be found.

As far as possible staff and volunteers should set up and pack down the room as a full team bearing in mind individual physical restrictions. 

Volunteers should not enter the venue until the Lead Vocal Coach is present unless otherwise directed.

Youth volunteers can be integrated into the local VoxFresh team. Advice should be sought from HQ before this proceeds.

  1. Legalities

All membership data is confidential. When staff are in contact with this information it is their responsibility to ensure that this information is not left unattended or accessible to anyone other than themselves. Any printed data should be returned to the Lead Vocal Coach for disposal.

Staff and volunteers are to remain up-to-date in:

  • DBS check
  • Safeguarding
  • First aid (if applicable)
  • Chaperone license (if applicable)

Staff will be directed when updates to the above are necessary but will need to take necessary action quickly to ensure legal safeguarding compliance.

Staff and volunteers will need to read, understand and work in accordance with the VoxFresh Child Protection Policy. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure they are not left alone with any individual child at a VoxFresh activity (even if the child is known to them) without specific parental permission.

  1. Professionalism

In order to promote an identifiable and professional image of VoxFresh, all staff /volunteers are asked to wear the following:

  • VoxFresh polo shirt or rugby shirt
  • Plain black or denim trousers/shorts/skirt
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Staff lanyard

The focus of every VoxFresh activity is the child’s experience and welfare. Personal mobile phone and other distractions are banned, unless in an emergency, to maximise attention during VoxFresh activities.

  1. Equality 

All VoxFresh singers should be treated equally by all members of the team. Any external/previous relationship with any child should not be brought into the session so that all singers feel nurtured and can develop to their full potential. 

If there are any singers with whom a staff member/volunteer will need to adapt your relationship for the purpose of VoxFresh sessions, this should be discussed with the singer so they have a full understanding prior to the session.

Sign in and sign out are particularly busy periods. Staff/volunteer’s full attention should be on incoming/outgoing singers to ensure their safety and a warm welcome.

There will undoubtably be some singers with whom a staff member/volunteer finds it more challenging to develop a connection. The team should work together to resolve this so every child feels supported by the VoxFresh team as a whole. 

  1. Resolving an issue

Any issues that arise should be dealt with on an individual basis but these guidelines can be a starting point:

  • Address it quickly – don’t let problems fester. The sooner they’re dealt with the sooner the team will feel positive and happy
  • Address it directly – try and have direct conversations with whoever has caused your discomfort. Chances are it was unintentional and can be swiftly resolved.
  • Talk to a peer – other volunteers or staff are likely to have experience that could be of use to you. Reach out and discuss the situation with them in a sensitive manner.
  • Talk to the Lead Vocal Coach – if you are unable to resolve the issue using the above, approach the lead vocal coach with your concerns to discuss an appropriate course of action.
  1. Contributing and committing to the future of VoxFresh

VoxFresh cannot work without the volunteering team. If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to volunteer for VoxFresh please give one term’s notice. This will enable us to source a replacement volunteer keeping the safety of the singers at the forefront of what we do.

There are many plans for VoxFresh in the future and we want to give as many opportunities for volunteers to be a part of this. Some activities may not be suitable for all volunteers depending on personal circumstances and conditions. This can be discussed on an individual basis to find an alternative involvement or solution. 

If you have any ideas, contacts or expertise that could help VoxFresh please make these known so we can look into them further together.

9. Contact Details

Kat Penn (Director): kat@voxfresh.com; [07752 976788]

Main VoxFresh inbox – info@voxfresh.com

We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually.