1. Purpose and Scope

VoxFresh will sometimes undertake fundraising projects for its own projects, and sometimes will fundraise for external registered charities.

VoxFresh aims to make sure our fundraising is legal, open, honest and accountable – and in our best interest.

  1. When does this policy apply?

This policy applies when any fundraising activity is undertaken.

In the case of VoxFresh fundraising, this will occur when any money is taken that doesn’t go through the Shop on voxfresh.com (eg. Cash donations)

Charity fundraising will occur either through cash donations or by a trusted online fundraising website e.g. The charity website, JustGiving, VirginMoneyGiving.

  1. Selecting a charitable cause

The choice of a charitable cause for VoxFresh to support is largely down to the Lead Vocal Coach. 

The decision should be led by singers’ suggestions, discussions with other staff and most importantly should demonstrate diversity in the causes supported.

Large national campaigns should be kept in mind, e.g., Comic Relief and Children In Need as these are things that young people will often naturally engage in.

If approached by a charity, the Lead Vocal Coach will need to check this charity’s credentials (registered charity) and the tone and any political stance/position that may be portrayed. It should be remembered that as a youth group the charities we work with need to be appropriate for that age.

Also note that it is not always the financial support that is important, but the raising of awareness too.

  1. Fundraising for a VoxFresh activity

Fundraising for a VoxFresh activity is suitable when the group is undertaking an activity or project that has costs associated to it that aren’t covered by the standard membership fees.

This could include:

  • Venue hire
  • Recording/sound production
  • Additional costume
  • Hire of other skills
  • Travel

Where possible VoxFresh tries to minimise additional costs beyond fees being passed on to the singer/parent, however that is not always possible and it should never be assumed that projects can be funded without parent contribution.

  1. What types of donations can VoxFresh accept? 

VoxFresh can accept the following types of donations:

  • Cash of any amount.
  • Land and buildings.
  • Personal property.
  • Gifts in kind such as – but not limited to – venues, catering and advertising.
  1. Responsible Fundraising

VoxFresh will always ensure those singers/staff fundraising do so in a responsible manner. Relevant collection licenses will be sought from councils and behaviour will be led by the Code of Practiceset out by the Fundraising Regulator.

  1. Accounting for Fundraising

Fundraising is often done using small amounts of cash or online donations. VoxFresh will keep receipts of donations passed onto charity and for items/services purchased through VoxFresh activity fundraising. This can be provided upon request at any time.  

8. Contact Details

Kat Penn (Director): kat@voxfresh.com; [07752 976788]

Main VoxFresh inbox – info@voxfresh.com

We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually.