1. Purpose and Scope

VoxFresh works with children and families as part of its activities. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently forced to take some of our sessions to online learning. The interactive platform we will be using is Zoom.

The purpose of this policy statement is: 

• To protect children and young people who receive the services of VoxFresh.

• To provide parents, staff and singers with the necessary terms and conditions to protect the young people during their use of the Digital Learning methods.

Failure of any child/parent/guardian to comply with these terms and conditions will result in the singer being removed from the online session.

2. My child’s learning

  • I will ensure I choose a dedicated study area free of distractions that will enable my child to participate effectively and will also contribute to their wellbeing. For this purpose I will ensure my child avoids other screens (phones, iPads, etc.) while participating in online sessions. I will also avoid the child being in an area where interruptions from other family members/pets etc are likely to be frequent. 
  • For sessions involving practical activity, I will make sure that the space is clear, and free of hazards, such as cables. I understand that I take responsibility for health and safety in the e-learning environment.  
  • I will not share or upload any information on-line, except securely with my child’s teacher at their request. I will ensure my child also adheres to this policy.

3. My child’s online relationship with others

  • I understand and agree that my child will not access, create or display any material (images, sounds, text, and video) which is likely to cause offence, inconvenience or anxiety to anyone.
  • I understand and agree that my child will never write or say racist, sexist, abusive, homophobic, or aggressive words or write things that could upset or offend others.
  • I, and my child, understand that sending malicious messages can become a matter whereby VoxFresh will set sanctions or involve outside agencies such as the police.
  • My child is aware that their online activity at all times should not upset or hurt other people and that they should not put themselves at risk.
  • My child will not respond to offensive, abusive or rude messages. Should that happen, I will let a member of VoxFresh staff know immediately.
  • When in a videocall or video session, I will ensure that my child will: 
  • be on time, in a suitable room / space, and dressed appropriately 
  • talk to VoxFresh staff and singers respectfully  
  • never record or take photos of their fellow singers or volunteers
  • Pupils must not record, store or transmit (by sharing on social networking sites, for example) any type of image, sound or video, even of friends, created whilst at a VoxFresh session except for approved projects with the Lead Vocal Coach’s permission.
  • When in a videocall or video session, I (parent/guardian) will ensure that 
  • I will report to the Lead Vocal Coach, any incident that breaches the Digital Safety Agreement, even if that incident does not affect my child. 
  • I respect the teaching environment, and do not interrupt or disturb the session; 
  • I never record or take photos of my child’s classmates or teachers, or of session content 

4. My child’s digital wellbeing

  • I will support my child in maintaining a healthy relationship with technology by using it when appropriate. 
  • I will support my child in avoiding distractions, such as other screens, loud music, etc that might interfere with their learning.
  • I will support my child in always keeping their username and password confidential. I will never share personal information about myself or anyone else, such as an address, telephone number and private and personal details, in an email or on a website.
  • If requested, I will follow VoxFresh’s instructions on how to upload or send my child’s performance, so that it is stored safely and securely.
  • I will adjust my Zoom details so that the child’s name (First name plus surname initial 

eg. Kat P.) is visible for the benefit of other VoxFresh singers and staff.

  • I will ensure that the Zoom software being used is the latest update so that necessary privacy levels are met.

5. Responsibilities of VoxFresh

  • VoxFresh staff will be present on all Online learning sessions for the support of the singers.
  • VoxFresh will only admit singers who are subscribed paying members of VoxFresh into the online session from the Waiting Room.
  • Each session will be recorded on Zoom but will be done so in a way that only the teacher’s image is visible. This is so it can be used as teaching material for any singer that is unable to attend the session.
  • Screenshots may be taken of the sessions to share on social media (as photos of physical sessions would be). These will be done with the singer’s knowledge and will not have names displayed on them to adhere to GDPR guidelines.
  • VoxFresh are happy that any singer who is unable to have their image displayed on a visual platform can attend the sessions with no camera enabled.
  • VoxFresh will mute/unmute the sessions where appropriate to maximise effective learning.  
  • VoxFresh will ensure privacy guidelines set by Zoom are followed and software updates are current.

6. Contact Details

Kat Penn (Director): kat@voxfresh.com; [07752 976788]

Main VoxFresh inbox – info@voxfresh.com

We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually.